Tuesday, 26 January 2016

MELSIG Digital Narratives Event at Nottingham Trent University

On the 8th January I attended the MELSIG Digital Narratives event. This was one of a number of MELSIG event I have attended over the past few years, the events are always well attended and an opportunity to meet new people and share ideas. As part of this particular event I had volunteered to take part in an activity using Storify. The aim was to create a narrative of the day based around an initial question and using the wide range of media that Storify supports and would be hopefully generated by the delegates.

I thought about what I wanted to capture and settled on gathering examples of digital narratives to create a resource for other people. On the journey down from Leeds and based on my previous experience of Storify I decided that to craft a single Storify during the event that I was 100% happy with and to take part in the event would be very difficult. With this in mind I decided I would create 2 stories, one during the event trying to be selective and answer my question while still taking part in the sessions. The second would be a more refined Storify created post event, with a few additional resources found and a couple of short videos to give my thoughts on the process and experience of creating a Storify during an event. Below you will see the 2 stories I created. I think to give something refined, shorter and more succinct then a post-event Storify is a better option. It means you have a better understanding of the event characteristics and also the material you are dealing with. I will continue to use and refine my use of Storify and try in different situations. I may try to build myself a digital C.V with it and embed the stories within blog posts. It is a useful tool that needs more exploring to see what it is capable of. 

And here is Storify version 2: